My mom used to say to us,
“Start out like you’re going to hold out!”

Her wisdom seemed common place when I was young.  Surely everyone starts with completion in mind.  It’s like washing garments. Start-spin-stop. You put in the garments, set the cycle and put in your additives. That is the formula for clean clothes.  Simple, right?

I learned mom’s wisdom was not so common place.  Starting out doesn’t mean you finish what you start. Nor does it mean you get the results you planned for before the process.  Any interruption –leaving the top open, selecting the wrong cycle, forgetting a key additive, using the wrong additive or interrupting the cycle — can leave spots or cause you to ruin something you love.

Tired of ruining your trust in yourself?

“Like you’re going to hold out” requires intention. Lisa Nichols puts it so eloquently, “I decided it was a ‘No Matter What!'”  On the first day of 2018, I invite you to planfully set aside the first month in January with a “No Matter What” focus for the rest of the year.  Create the right setting for achieving your desires.  Join the “Start to Sustain” mastery program in 3 easy steps.

  1. Go to facebook, join the Consistency Challenge Nov 2017 group and type in — I’m committed to “Start to Sustain”!
  2. Schedule time on January 5 for the challenge introductory overview.
  3. Be focused for the next 21 days.

What can I expect?

  • Daily Facebook live videos with bite-sized assignments starting January 6 at 7PM EST.
  • An understanding of how the start-spin-stop cycle keeps you from your best.
  • Tools to move from starting to committing during life’s unexpected occurrences.
  • A celebrated plan for sustainment.

No more spinning your wheels and feeling disappointed in yourself for not coming through. Commit to 21 days to mastery. Commit to you!

Sustaining change,